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Competitive female wrestling with sexual consequences! How hot is that? See dominant femdom wrestlers fighting and fucking sexy bondage girls and fighting each other for dominance. Remember, the loser becomes the winner's slut!

Harmony, Annie Cruz

The Brawler (0-3)
The Deceptacon (0-0)

Both opponents have had their share of getting their ass kicked. Both wrestlers have the mat experience to do well. Ultimate Surrender is a learning experience - you either get it, or you get brutally fucked in RD4. The Brawler has had 5 matches to get it, and once again she got it in RD4 as the Scorpion strapped it to her hard. I can definitely say that the Brawler was not pleased when the Scorpion pinned her down, came, and squirted all over her face.

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DragonLily, Dana DeArmond

The Dragon(0-0)
The Jester(0-0)

The Dragon was ranked 4th overall last season with 18 forced submissions. In her lifetime stats she has accumulated over 1500 style points. She has trained in the off-season and want to regain the championship.

The Jester was ranked 8th overall last season with 0 forced submissions. With 5 matches under her belt the learning is over, it is time to show Ultimate Surrender Wrestling what you have.

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Starring Syd Blakovich,Annie Cruz

The Nightmare (4-0)
The Scorpion (0-0)

The Nightmare, you love or you hate her. She is here for one reason and one reason only. To win, to win hard, and to fuck hard. Ok that's like 3 reasons or something, but the fact is Syd will destroy you if you are not ready. The Scorpion is a hellcat feisty, nasty girl that grew up with brothers. She is street tough and takes shit from no one. That's how it is in the real world. This is not the real world and no matter how mean you might act, this is Ultimate Surrender and street tough girls tend to get fucked like loser sluts on the mat.

BTW, Syd broke the Ultimate Surrender scoring record for one match.

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Starring Darling,Kat

The Grappler (0-2)
Kat (0-3)

Here are two equally experienced novice wrestlers. Both really want a win, but only one will get it. Both have paid their dues, and now one will walk off the mat with a victory. Kat hates losing and doesn't ever let up, no matter how many points she might have fallen behind. Darling has been training in the tradition of high school wrestling style on her own time. It's all about the training.

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